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1. Land

Identify and acquire the land for your Hedgehog. Contact Döðlur Studio for a meeting to go over basic logistics.


2. Budget and Contract

Feasibility study covering; design and the size of the project, permits, logistics and shipping.


3. Design

Döðlur Studio adapts the design of the Hedgehog to suit your program and site needs. Local civil engineer creates a final blue print for the foundation​.


4. Foundation

Identify a general contractor for permitting and site work and start foundation construction, utilitu hook-ups and driveway.


5. Construction

While the site work is being done, the modules are being built in the factory. The Module production time is 4-5 months.


6. Delivery and Button-up

The Hedgehog modules are delivered and placed on the prepared site. The building team will finish assembling the Hedgehog in approx 10 days.


Prefabricated modular house. 
Prefabrication allows work with industrialised materials that enable high-precision processes. Prefab has so many advantages – perfect indoor conditions in which to build, the use of equipment that can be difficult or cost prohibitive to bring on site, the reduction of construction time, cost, and waste, and greatly minimizes the destructive impact on the building site, just to name a few.


Overall design to meet Icelandic building codes and the IRC (International Residential Code); Hedgehog will meet any and all regional requirements including seismic or snow-load. Hedgehog building team: Builds and/or finishes specifications. Manages shipping to each country.


Will need to provide/obtain survey and some initial due diligence information regarding property build restrictions. Acquiring local permits, hires all subcontractors for foundation, water / electricity and shipping from the closest harbor to the site location.


The average modular project takes 6-8 months from start to finish. Construction initiation in the factory is about 4 months. Front-end and back-end steps such as, permits, utilities, site prep, and finish out (“button up”) can lead to variables in project schedule.


Depending on your location, foundation requirements will vary. The Hedgehog foundation is a simple concrete pier. The modules are maneuvered into place and lowered onto the piers using jacks. The foundation also provides an extended 50 sq/m of space for additional design options, eg; tv/play room, sauna & wash room.


While it may appear flat, the interior hipped roof of the Hedgehog contains a 2% slope.
It is a cold roof, (ventilated underside) covered in EPDM (rubber which provides very good resistance to weather.) 90% of the roof is made of painted, special aluminum plating (not visible from eye-level) that supports the 2% slope drainage. 


Hedgehog design eases the coordination of ducts, plumbing, electrical, etc. to accommodate the heating and cooling utilities of your choosing. The standard Hedgehog has Devi in floor heating system from Danfoss.


Changes and customization to a standard Hedgehog design is possible, but changes in program, style, materials, etc. will add time and expenses to the modular cost. Please contact us directly to further discuss your ideas.